Innovative Beauty Products Which We Love

It's the start of a new month and already we are planning a trip to the beauty isles.  With so many fun and vibrant products emerging on the market, how could we resist.  When it comes bubble baths and beauty products, we love innovation and believe that nothing should be short of an exciting surprise when it comes to testing the water.  From fizzing whizzing bath bombs to the most bubbly of bubble bath products and even our favourite lip balms, here are our favourite innovative products on the market right now. 

Lush Bath Bombs

Lush bath bombs never fail to surprise us. Full of vibrancy and colour, these insta worthy treats come in all shapes, sizes and scents and offer a unique and bubbly experience to bath times. Expect to lie back and relax in highly pigmented water but whatever you do, don’t mistake these for soap and rub them on your skin or you might just become a vibrant colour too.

Our new favourite is the Eggs Benedict bath bomb. Crack open this egg-cellent bath bomb to find 3 in one soaks including tiny little chick in the middle. Sit back and relax in a fuschia bath brimming with bubbles and a citrusy sweet scent.

Lush Bath Bombs


Bath Spice Infusions

 Take you bath time ritual to a new level and indulge in a shebert haven of gorgeous scents and fizzing whizzing bubbles. Our Bath Spice Infusions are like no other products and will add a new and fun element to your bathing experience. Just shake and pour to create a deep infusion and lots of bubbles.

Bath Spice Infusions Bubble T Cosmetics

The EOS lip balm

 The most innovative lip balm to explode on the market, who ever thought lip balms, would take such a fun and quirky form as these. Featuring in several different flavours and in a bubble like form, EOS changed lip balm application across the globe.

EOS lip balms

Lancome’s Juicy Shaker

 Hailed as the ‘newest’ lip revolution the Juicy Shaker is certainly far from boring and will have your lips looking super shiny for spring and will not only nourish but will add a beautiful tint to your lips too. We love these fun shakers for their versatility. The more you shake the stronger the pigment will become before you apply it to your lips and what’s more they are the perfect size for on the go.

 lancome juicy shakers

Hydration Innovation

Refreshing and futuristic like, Illamasqua's Hydra Veil is part primer and part hydrator and will work to balance out the skin, creating a healthy glow. The refreshing gel looks somewhat futuristic and is super fun to play with. You can mix it about as much as you like but when you next open it you will find that it has self-levelled out. Containing plant extracts this gel feels incredibly refreshing and soothing on the skin especially if you keep it on the fridge.

hydra veil Illamasqua  

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