Sweet Things

Sweet Things

As you may have already guessed, here at Bubble T Cosmetics we sure do have a sweet tooth and love anything candy coloured. It was thereore no surprise that when we stumbled across Sweet Things in Primrose Hill we fell in love at an instant. Sweet Things is a boutique café/bakery best known for its sweet treats including the most delicious cupcakes and brownies. They also pride themselves on delicious breakfasts and have a great selection of savoury lunch options such as sourdough toasties and homemade soups.

Sweet Things is by no means your average café. Aside from the cakes and hot chocolate which have been top rated by celebrities such as Nigella Lawson and David Beckham, the interior is everything we dreamed of. Pots of candy adorn the café and the tables are actually filled with colourful sweets and Oreo cookies. We couldn’t resist stopping off for a cupcake and a tea of course. It was hard to choose from such a wide selection. They had all of our favourites, red velvet, salted caramel, carrot, Oreo, lemon meringue and vanilla. We decided to opt for vanilla and a green tea for a harmonious balance and oh my it was heavenly. Unlike the large chain coffee shops, the cupcakes here had a real home baked taste and looked amazing too.


celebration cakes


pots of candy

We would definitely recommend Sweet Things to any one wishing for a magical café experience. Whether you want to grab a hot chocolate and a treat whilst studying or you simply want a catch up with friends, Sweet Things is worth a visit. To our delight we also discovered they host cupcake classes too. We are most likely to be giving this a go soon.

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