Where we began

To celebrate the launch of our range, Bubble T, we thought we would share with you our story and tell you how the range came to be.

About this time two years ago some of the Bubble T team were travelling in China and they couldn’t help but notice these incredible drinks being consumed everywhere. Every colour imaginable popped up with the same black pearls at the bottom of the drink. What struck them as strange was the difference in age of the consumer… small children and grandparents were walking together, both enjoying a variety of this colourful drink. It didn’t take too long until the team tried and got hooked on the drink and worked their way through the extensive offerings… some were not quite as good as others!

However, it got us thinking… We have seen many products using a tea fragrance or even tea extracts but we had never seen anyone use the vibrancy and fun of the Bubble Tea drink before. After extensive research (and many more Bubble Teas) the only product we saw with any comparison was a home made nail polish with black spots on it. This was great news for us!

With our experience in bath & body products we started to think of fragrances and ingredients to bring this concept to life. We went with the 'traffic light' idea - stop, get ready and go or as we put it in our in our range, revive, stimulate and restore. Our research taught us that whilst not everyone is a fan of the drink, everyone who tried our fragrances enjoyed them and would happily use all three of them.

Focusing on the key elements of the the concept we knew the packaging had to be colorful and vibrant whilst remaining loyal to the concept of the drink. We decided to infuse the fragrance with tea notes whilst supporting it with super fruit extracts.

All our products are free from Parabens, SLS & SLES which is an important philosophy for us.

We hope you enjoy using the range as much as we have enjoyed developing it. Keep an eye on the website for exciting new products, ingredient information and news on the brand.

The Bubble T-eam

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