Freshers' Week Beauty Must Haves

The new term is creeping upon us and many of you will be starting university and beginning a new life as a student! This is a big step and a big deal. You will be making new friends, partying all week long and attending exciting lectures of course. With all these fun social activities going on, we wanted to prepare you so that you look, feel and of course smell your best! Here we have listed our top freshers' week beauty essentials to stock up on for the new term.

First is our Powdered Bath Spice Infusions in Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea. The perfect cure for a fresher’s hangover, our bath spice infusions in hibiscus and acai berry tea will help restore all that energy back into you so that your ready to get back up and go go go! Perfect for when you want to enjoy some alone time, just sprinkle and season your bath with the help of our generous cap or measured opening.

Partying hard means dark circles! Conceal those under eye bags with B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer to make sure you are looking bright eyed and bushy tailed for those lectures. Its light texture will ensure that you don’t looked caked and it has many benefits that will hydrate, conceal and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lip Balm is a beauty must and will do wonders for your lips especially in the harsh autumn/winter weather ahead of us. We personally love EOS lip balm. Fun, fruity and organic, the range comes in many different flavours and playful colours. The cute and compact shape also makes them ideal for carrying in your purse or handbag.

Freshers' fair will give you the opportunity to sign up to numerous fun and exciting activities, including sports teams and societies. Our new Bubbles & Tea Summer Fruits Body Spray will provide you with a refreshing post workout spritz to cool you down and revive you when you need it the most! The heady mix of summer berries will ensure that everybody wants to be your friend.

Mascara, Mascara, Mascara! A beauty must for all occasions whether you’re attending lectures or hitting the town for a fun night out. We love Bare Minerals, Flawless definition Mascara in Intense Black! The tapered wand will work wonders to lengthen, darken and give you that lifted look, making your eyes appear brighter even if they don’t feel it. Apply one layer for an everyday natural look or layer it up for that desired falsie look.

University is about a healthy balance of play hard work hard which means you may find yourself looking a little pasty due to lack of sleep! Add a healthy flush of colour back into your face with Sleek. The high quality product with a high street price tag will guarantee that you have that healthy glow covered all term.

Last but not least kick-start and stimulate your days with our Lemongrass and Green Tea Stimulating Shower Gel! The hydrating shower gel contains a unique antioxidant blend and will deliver nourishment to all skin types. The perfect way to wake yourself up and ensure that you smell lemony fresh for those lectures.

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