Adventures in Europe with Bubble T

Editing down our beauty collection is something we all struggle with when going away especially when there's only so much you can take in your hand luggage. If you’re planning on backpacking or setting out with just your hand luggage then our hand cream is a must! Perfect for all situations the hydrating hand cream in Revive, Restore and Stimulate each contain a unique antioxidant blend delivering nourishment to all skin types!

Our Hibiscus and Acai Berry hand cream recently embarked on an adventure around Europe visiting many exciting places including Switzerland, Amsterdam, Prague and Brussels. Handbag sized and easy to carry about, our hands were able to feel readily restored on the go! Our First Stop was Switzerland!


Home to the most beautiful lakes and medieval villages, we instantly fell in love with the combination of Switzerland’s rural landscape and urban charm. Our epic journey took us all the way to the magnificent alps and back where we were lucky enough to experience all of the beautiful scenery.


A beautiful city packed with history, we visited many interesting sites in Prague. It was the perfect place for exploring and we enjoyed aimlessly wandering the cobbled streets and soaking up all the surrounding beauty. There was plenty to do from contemporary art galleries to visiting the ancient Baroque Churches. Of course we also enjoyed the cute cafes where we had to stop off for a tea.



Often described as the 'gateway to the world' we were extremely excited to visit Hamburg! As Germany's second largest city and biggest port, the city is filled with a maritime spirit which is reflected in everything from its architecture to its restaurants. Making our way through this large city, our hand cream definitely came in handy! We managed to enjoy an array of cultural attractions as well as venture into the nightlife where we danced all night to electronic beats.

Cheeky in Amsterdam

Amsterdam was one of our favourites! We loved the the history and the seventeenth century buildings combined with an urban flair of excitement. Like locals, we explored the city by bicycle and boat visiting numerous galleries and museums as well as the many cafes where we enjoyed chocolate sprinkles on bread and a nice cup of joe! We were most touched and fascinated by the Anne Frank Huis, the whole experience was an extremely powerful one not to be missed.


An enchanting city with a fairytale quality, we enjoyed Luxembourg for its unique charm! We spent most of our time here visiting beautiful castles, palaces and mansions for example Château de Vianden where we were blown away by the medieval furnishings. Another favourite was the Chemin de la Corniche, known as 'the most beautiful balcony in Europe.' Here we enjoyed some beautiful views across the river Canyo.


The fascinating capital impressed us with its regal 19th century mansions, the art and of course it's chocolate waffles which were to die for!



Strasbourg overwhelmed us with all its beauty and grandeur. We couldn't take our eyes off Cathedral Notre Dame and its exquisite gothic architecture and stained glass windows. It was simply breath taking! We roamed the old town in awe of all its quirks, the twisting alleys and the blend of French and German influences.

Overall we would say that Bubble T's experience of Europe is one not to be forgotten and the sweet fruity scent of our restoring hand cream will forever be a reminder of our exciting adventures. We would highly recommend this product as an on the go beauty must! So go create your long lasting memories with Bubble t, we would love to know where our products will end up next ;)

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