Spice Up Your Bath

Want to create a new bathing ritual? Then why not try our Bath Spice Infusion Powders. Just shake and pour into the running water to infuse it with antioxidants whilst giving yourself a little “me-time”.

You can sprinkle and season your bath with the help of our generous cap or measured opening. The hydrating foaming bath powder uses a blend of extracts depending on the tea infusion. Hibiscus and Acai, Moroccan Mint or Lemongrass and Green Tea, restore, revive or stimulate the senses.

Our colourful, vibrant with a quirky concept, comes in our three distinct fragrances that are paraben, SLS and SLES free. Each offers a unique experience to suit your mood and emotions which aim to revive, stimulate and restore.

Boosted with natural super fruit extracts, goji berry is featured through the entire range and renowned for their potent antioxidant content which are rich in vitamin C and A. Bubble T has created a system call ‘an-ti-oxidant technology’ within the formulas to enhance the bathing experience and provide a gentle exfoliation.

Revive: Moroccan Mint Tea

Refreshing peppermint infused with white jasmine and sweet spearmint, enhancing the senses to energize and revive.


Stimulate: Lemongrass and Green Tea

An uplifting fragrance infused with lively lemon zest and citrus notes.

Restore: Hibiscus and Açai berry

Sweet Hibiscus and Açai berry tea is infused with cranberry and wild strawberry to calm and restore.

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