Tea at Miss Poppy Cakes Cafe

As you may have noticed, at Bubble T Cosmetics we are tea and cupcake fanatics and are always on the look out for new, vibrant and quirky cafes to enjoy a cuppa and relax. Whilst wandering about Camden Town the other day we noticed Miss Poppy Cakes Cafe, in The Stables Market. The cosy little cafe caught our eye immediately and we decided that it was a must to stop off for a sweet treat and a tea.

The first thing we noticed when we stepped inside was the magical interior; tea sets hanging from the ceiling adorned with fairy lights, mismatching ‘retro’ looking wallpaper, Alice in Wonderland Prints framed on the wall and miniature little doll house tea sets in cabinets. The fairy tale charm made us fall in love at an instant.

The menu included an extensive list of teas, organic coffee, fresh smoothies, and of course delicious cakes of all sorts. We decided to order a classic English breakfast tea and a strawberry and vanilla cupcake which came served on the cutest little tea set and tasted delicious.


So whether your looking to be inspired, stimulate your creativity in a new environment or simply have a catch up with your friends, we recommend that you check this place out.

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