Get a head start at Uni

With the new university term having just started, its best to get off on the right foot. For a head start, take a look at our tips on how to best organise yourself so that you don't get bogged down in all the hard work. 

  1. Goals - Set yourself realistic goals from the start. I find it always helps if you break these bigger goals down into smaller goals so that you don’t get lost in the process of trying to achieve them. Writing these down in a diary or on post it notes and keeping them visible is also a good idea to keep yourself motivated.
  1. Be prepared and don’t rush - Make sure that your are well prepared the night before so that come the morning your not in a mad panic. Lay out all your clothes for the next day and set your alarm clock before you go to bed.  I always keep it at the other end of my room so that I don’t accidentally press snooze or turn it off.
  1. Get your beauty sleep - Get a good nights sleep, a nice warm bubble bath using some bubble t goodies will help with this . The T-Bags from Superdrug are a personal fave for baths at the moment. Packed with summer fruits bath salts, they are perfect for a quirky new bath time ritual and they also contain arnica, ivy leaf extract, mallow and lemongrass to hydrate and soothe the skin.
  1. Make to do lists - There is nothing worse than feeling like you have underachieved for the day so make sure you set yourself tasks that are realistic to achieve for the day. Spend each day doing this for 10-15 minutes so you know exactly what you have to do.
  1. Be Tidy - make sure that your study space is neat and tidy and throw out any clutter that might be a distraction.
  1. Enjoy yourself - Remember downtime and doing things that you enjoy such as chilling out with friends is just as important as study time. Taking a break from working hard is sometimes essential in order to recharge your batteries.
  1. 5 a day - Make sure you get your five a day so that you feel energized and able to focus. Don’t overload on sugary snacks and junk food, as this will make you feel tired and sluggish.
  1. Stick to one calendar - Keeping all your appointments in one place will avoid any confusion. You don’t want to run the risk of missing any appointments.
  1. Coordinate with colour - Yes, we love colour and colour coding is a great way to distinguish certain activities from another. Another great way to avoid getting confused with your day to day tasks.
  1. Treat yourself - Give yourself an incentive to work by promising yourself rewards. Why not treat yourself to our new Macaroon Lip Balms from BHS or the Bubbles & Tea Body Spray from Superdrug.  Perfect if you need a refreshing spritz whilst at your desk on on the go.  

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