Dance your sins away at Red's True Barbecue

After weeks of drooling over the much talked about donut burger, we finally decided to venture down to Red’s True BBQ to give it a try. Hailed as a place of worship for meat, Red’s True offers a crazy uniqueness and is not for the faint hearted that’s for sure.

The hipster haven is located in the heart of Shoreditch and offers an authentic BBQ where the lengthy menu consist of anything and everything meat that you could possibly conjure up in your mind. From a large selection of ribs ‘baptised with unholy BBQ sauce,' to custom meat combos whereby you can choose to ‘up your dose of low and smoked nirvana’ with selection of meat sides, the menu was incredibly varied.

When we had arrived we were instantly taken away by the interior. Decked out with neon lights which read ‘dance away your sins’ and ‘amen’ we felt that there was a buzz about the place and were excited to be there from the start.

We waited a while in the que to be seated and once we had arrived at the ‘altar’ (desk to be seated), we were advised to check out the bar downstairs whilst our table was being prepared for us. We were led down an alarmingly red staircase and across some zig zagged flooring to a darker den, which was the bar. Lit up with fairy lights tangled amongst branches and fake trees, there was something rather enchanting about this little haven and we were happy to enjoy a Jamaican Mojito. The fruity take on the Cuban classic featured passion fruit, mint and lime topped with spicy ginger beer and tasted supremely good.

We were seated straight away after that and quickly placed our orders, as we knew right away exactly what we wanted. It was then just a matter of time before the heavenly invention was placed right in front of us. Two flame grilled beef patties, layered in between smoked peppered bacon and melted cheese, smothered in dirty sauce, placed between two sweet glazed doughnuts and topped with deep fried crispy onions. If this wasn’t enough to take in, we were also served sweet potato fries on the side, not to mention the marshmallow milkshakes we had also ordered.

We rapidly ploughed through this feast, enjoying every single bite. The burger wasn’t quite what we had in mind but nevertheless, it was a real treat which we would highly recommend as a must try (at least once). Unfortunately we were just too full for dessert but are of course tempted to go back soon. The Toasted Marshmallow Sweet Potato Pie sounds like another Red’s True Barbecue classic and we are just as curious to know what this tastes like. So if you’re looking for a feel good lively atmosphere and are feeling rather daring, venture into Shoreditch and experiment with your tastebuds at Red’s True BBQ. We promise you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a vegetarian that refuses to be swayed by these meat practices then fear not; The macaroni cheese looked pretty tasty too!

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