Mast Brothers Chocolate Makers

Whilst wandering the colourful, vibrant streets of Shoreditch, we stumbled right past Mast Brothers, the Brooklyn born chocolate makers with a reputation for high-end chocolates, using cocoa beans of only the highest quality. It wasn’t so much the sight of the chocolate factory/shop which caught our attention first but more so the sweet pungent smell of indulgence drifting about Redchurch Street.

In fact, if we hadn’t smelt the rich aroma, we would have assumed that we were outside an art gallery. Minimalistic and simple, this is exactly what the installation in the window reminded us of. We simply couldn’t resist the urge to step inside.

The layout was exactly how we had expected it to be. Spacious and minimalistic; with the chocolate bars stacked neatly upon piles and spread across diagonal planks of wood or placed on a shelf like books. The packaging featured fun and quirky prints and each chocolate bar was wrapped in their own unique wrapper to represent the individual flavours. The flavours were interesting to say the least and like nothing we could have imagined up ourselves: chilli pepper, goats milk, vanilla smoke and black truffle to name but a few. The most popular flavour however was sea salt and luckily for us we got to try a piece. It was divine and the combination of contrasting flavours complimented each other perfectly to create an extraordinary taste.


Towards the back of the shop was a giant window, which stretched right from the ceiling and down to the floor. Through this window we were able to catch a glimpse of how the chocolate is made (which explains the delicious smell infusing the whole shop).

Whilst being inside the shop/factory we found that the brand also specialises in chocolate drinks, which were being served behind a bar in the shop. The  brewed chocolate uses house roasted cocoa beans and can be served hot or cold. We opted for hot of course and yes it was amazing; (especially with the giant cookie on the side).

We didn’t leave the shop without stocking up on a varied selection of treats as we knew chocolate week was approaching so what better excuse than that.

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