Warm up with our Pearls Of Wisdom!

Bath Bombs

It’s that time of year when things start to get bleak; the days are darker and shorter, its freezing outside and you can literally see your breath in the air. To help combat those winter blues, we like to believe the solution lies in a nice warm indulgent bath. The combination of sensational aromas, and taking the time out from your busy schedule works wonders for the soul and there is nothing better than lying back, clearing your mind and awakening your senses. At bubble t cosmetics of course we have plenty of restoring, reviving and stimulating products to help with this precious relaxation ritual but right now we are crazy about the Pearls of Wisdom.

These fizzing bath bombs are literally like having a cup of tea in the bath.They will bring all the comfort in the world on a cold blustery winters day and ensure that you are guaranteed a positive start (or end) to the day. Fun, quirky and vibrant, they are featured in each of our 3 unique flavours so that you can match your mood.

Feeling bogged down?
We have all experienced the draining effect of the British weather and when catching a glimpse of daylight can become a rarity (especially if you have a busy schedule) its easy to get bogged down and feel like the whole world’s on top of you. So if this is the case and you feel yourself seriously lacking in energy then fear not, our Pearl drop in Moroccan Mint Tea will do just the trick to help you energize and revive. It’s sweet uplifting notes of sweet spearmint and jasmine will provide you with a hearty dose of positivity and drain away any negative spells.  

Dry skin?
Yes unfortunately the freezing temperatures and low humidity in combination with blasting furnaces can be harsh on the skin, causing itching and flakiness. If this is something you suffer with then you will be happy to know that our Pearl Drop in Restore will help cure you from that. The hydrating fragrance which uses a blend of hibiscus and goji berry extracts contains a unique blend of antioxidants to ensure that your skin gets all the care and nourishment it needs.

Having trouble staying motivated?
Yes another effect of this dark and dreary weather is that it just makes us want to stay in bed all day long. To put that spring back into your step we would recommend opting for our Pearl Drop in Stimulate. That green tea and lemongrass fragrance infused with lively lemon zest and citrus elements will have you feeling back up and rearing to go in no time.

Aside from these pick me up flavours, the fun whizzing fizzing bubbles created by these simple pleasures will add that extra fabulous factor to your bath and if you can’t decide on which fragrance to get then spoil your senses and opt for the gift set.

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