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Georgia's Cakes-The perfect gesture for any occasion! (especially Christmas)

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Looking for the perfect gesture for Christmas? Look no further than Georgia’s Cakes.

Taking sweet treats to a whole new level, Georgia’s bespoke cakes, desserts and patisserie goods are oozing with imagination and creativity.

We recently placed an order to send out to family and friends of Bubble T and asked Georgia if she could replicate our tea bags in the form of biscuits and our macaroon lip balms in the form of actual macaroons. When our order arrived, we honestly couldn’t decide whether they looked or tasted better. Here are the results.

We are sitting here after eating about 4 each of the macaroons and a cookie each too and we honestly can’t get over how amazing they taste. It’s hard to resist eating the whole box but they were made to send after all.

The macaroons are certainly not like any others we have tasted before. Rather than being filled with ganache like most macaroons, these dainty little delights have been filled with the freshest cream you could imagine and are guaranteed to release a happy energy with each bite you take.

 The cookies were equally delightful and of course we enjoyed ours with a tea!

We were drawn to Georgia’s Cakes at first simply because of their presentation and her ability to transform your idea into a creative masterpiece. Here are some of her other fine pieces or art.  Feel free to follow her on Instagram too and be inspired! 


Fun, quirky and full of colour, we just can’t get enough.







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