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Bath Time with Bubble T

When you are younger you seriously underestimate the joys of bath time. I used to hate baths and my Nan had to pretend that towels were fluffy clouds in order to get me in and out of the bath (don't worry that was when i was like 5 and not 15). But now thanks to the stresses of adulthood, i love a bath! 

Also when I was younger I used to hate getting presents of body wash and shower gel but now accept them with open arms! I was so excited to receive some products from Bubble T to try out. It felt a bit like when i was a child and used to lock myself away in my bathroom pretending i was Sabrina The Teenage Witch and making 'potions' out of bath salts and body wash. I would ALWAYS get in trouble for it because by the end of my childhood my cream carpeted bathroom looked more like a rainbow had shat on it. To be fair shooting and trying out these Bubble T products today, my bathroom looks a bit like that as well.

I prepped my bath with bubbles and a few colourful plastic balls from my ball pit because why not!? It makes a ball HELLA FUN. I then used the 'Moroccan Mint Tea Reviving Shower Gel', which was fab because i love minty shower gel and had just ran out of mine. I always find a peppermint infused gel refreshing and reviving and this one definitely did the trick. It also has antioxidants in it such as Goji Berry for extra energising powers. And its not just whats on the inside that counts the bubblelicious packaging is brand spanking new! I am one of the lucky first people to have this stylish bottle in pride of place in my bathroom. 

Next I was dying to try the 'Summer Fruits Tea Bath Jelly' that definitely took me back to my childhood with its sweet smell. Its mixture of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries with a twist of white tea that smells exactly like a yummy sweet and good enough to eat. This product was also one of my favourites because the texture of the jelly was just like gunge for those of you who remember that and therefore I could have hours of fun playing with it. 

Lastly, who doesn't love a bath bomb? They are just so fun to watch and infuse your bath with sassy smells and colours. I usually use a few fizzies at the end of my bathing experience just to make sure my skin feels fully refreshed and so that i can finish my cuppa whilst watching it.

Thanks Bubble T for pimping out my bath. I still have some fizzies and jelly left so that will keep me occupied and smelling fresh at bath time for the next few weeks. However, the Moroccan Gel I may have got a bit too enthused about so may need to order some more....

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