Nutty for Nutella-Happy World Nutella Day!


We have always been a bit nutty for Nutella but today is World Nutella Day so even more the excuse to indulge in all things Nutella orientated. We have grown up with Nutella sandwiches and there’s just something about the rich chocolatey spread that never gets old. Not only does it evoke childhood memories but the more we grow with it the more we have learnt to discover it to be our favourite ingredient in many desserts and delicious recipes. There's a whole world of Nutella treats waiting to be feasted on. Here are some of our favourite instagood delights.

Nutella Freakshakes

There were Nutella milkshakes and then there were Nutella doughnuts.  Now there's a Nutella freakshake a deliciously unhealthy combination of the two, to die for.

Peanut Butter Cookie Cups filled with Nutella

One word...YUM, we always love Reese's pieces but these look like their on a whole new level.


Nutella Cookies

If this doesn't make your mouth water I don't know what will!


Nutella Pancakes

How cute are these? Mini little Nutella pancakes.


Nutella Cupcakes

We could definitely do with these right now!


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