Zoe Newlove: Valentine's Day without a date and Valentine's Day with a date

Zoe Newlove

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and whether your single or have a date, I have decided to put together some great ideas to ensure you make the most of it.

Valentine’s Day without a date

valentine's day without a date

Whilst February 14th has a way of making some feel lonely and unloved, being single on Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be something to be sad about. In fact there are many things to celebrate about being single. You can make time for yourself, focus on your goals and appreciate your friends. In some countries such as Guatemala and Finland, Valentine’s day is even referred to as friendship day.   So it’s time to embrace single life and make the most of Valentine’s Day! Here’s how:

  1. Pamper yourself! Run a nice warm bubble bath and throw in some of the gorgeous products from the Bubbles & Tea range. A personal favourite is the Bath Fizzies, the scrumptious fruit infusions and wonderful tea notes will leave you smelling amazing. You could even light some candles, put on your favourite music or read a book. It’s time to lie back and relax and when your done don’t forget to moisturize with the heavenly Hibiscus and Acai Berry Body Lotion. The restoring wild strawberry scent will ensure your skin is left beautifully nourished.
  2. Have a Sunday Funday with friends and revel in the fact that you can have an amazing time without boys. Plan to go bowling or to the cinema. ‘How To Be Single’ looks like a great movie to see and I’m sure will guarantee a good giggle.
  3. Like Secret Santa, organise a Valentine’s gifting session with your friends. Draw each other’s names out of a hat and then deliver a lovely gift. It doesn’t even have to be too expensive. You could even treat someone to one of the lovely Bubbles & Tea body sprays available at Superdrug or even the Pearl drop in Restore.
  4. Don’t fancy going out? Single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to indulge. Buy yourself lots of chocolate, stick on a brew and have a Netflix and chill night. A great movie and a cup of tea always goes down a treat.


Valentine’s Day with a date

valentine's day with a date

If you’re lucky enough to have found your other half or your going on a date with someone new, here’s what you can do to make it extra special.

  1. Make sure you smell nice. Take a refreshing shower before the date using the Summer Fruits Tea Shower Gel. Then set the scent with the body spray for a sweet and seductive smell.
  2. Make some tasty treats-bake some cookies or cupcakes and win his heart with a delicious delight.
  3. Alternatively you could go out for some tasty treats. Discover a new restaurant and order for each other.
  4. Do something new! Book a dance class together or go to an arcade and play games! These are both great bonding activities,  guaranteed to make you laugh and release any nerves.


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