Celebrating Chinese New Year: Year of The Monkey

Chinese New Year

Bright, bold, loud and colourful, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to get involved with the Chinese New Year celebrations in London this weekend.   The streets were filled with vibrant decorations, dragons and dancing as huge crowds gathered round to join in with the festivities. This year the Chinese calendar marks the year of the Monkey, here are some interesting facts we discovered and thought we would share with you:

  1.  Lucky colours for people born in the year of the Monkey are gold, white and blue. However shades of pink and red are unlucky and should be avoided.
  2. In China the Monkey God is worshipped as the ‘qitan dasheng’ meaning ‘great saint equal to heaven’ and in the southern parts of China, many temples were built to the Monkey God.
  3. People born in the year of the monkey (1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 and 2016) are know to have a mischievous character that is curious in nature as well as being very clever and witty.
  4. In Chinese folklore Chinese Deities often appear in the form of the monkey.
  5. Lucky flowers for the monkey are chrysanthemum and crape myrtle.
  6. Lucky days are the 14th and 28th of any Chinese calendar Lunar months.
  7. Lucky numbers for the year of the monkey are 4 and 9 whilst unlucky numbers are two and seven.
  8. Good career choices for Monkeys are said to be accounting and banking, film directing, jewellery and science to name but a few.
  9. Monkeys are most compatible with the ox or the rabbit and are least compatible with the tiger or the pig.
  10. Monkeys are usually very active however in order to stay healthy people born in the year of the Monkey need to remember to take breaks and to restore their energy during their busy schedules.




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