Our Stimulate Range by guest blogger Megan Lillie

There are two aspects of life of which I find most comforting, bubbles and tea. There is nothing better than either delving deep within your bath, engulfed in bubbles and smelling sweet scents, or sitting in your onesie with a cosy cuppa tea – with some biscuits, obviously.

BubbleT have proven to be a combination of my two favourite things. Converting the unique flavours of tea and infusing them into bath and shower products to make your toes tingle when you pamper yourselves. The ‘Stimulate’ range is full of zest and makes you feel full of life. Lemongrass is the main feature of the range and once it is blended with green tea it has an uplifting effect – which transfers perfectly into this bath range.

On a morning, I’m definitely a shower person. I need something that will wake me up and prepare me for the day ahead. The Shower Gel does just that with its citric scent, waking up all of the senses whilst it lathers up on the body. The gel leaves the scent tingling on the skin with the addition of super fine beads and leaves you smelling fresh all day long whilst giving that extra nourishment that’s needed.

Hand Cream is something that you’ll always find in my handbag and this one is no exception. Especially at this time of year and with a job that requires a lot of pot washing, my hands always tend to suffer. This handy little tube of goodness is great for when your hands are a little bit on the chapped and dry side as it revitalises the skin with its antioxidant blend.

Finally we have a night-time treat, and what a little mini treat it is. Bath Bombs have never been so cute and tiny! Pop one of these in your evening baths and you’ll find it dancing about the tub leaving the most uplifting of citrus-y scents behind. You’ll feel like you’re in some kind of tropical paradise with one of these little fizzers!

If you’re after some stimulation and a bit of uplifting in your life, this range is one to try. Bring on the world, because I am ready…


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