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Best Easter Eggs 2018

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Easter is on the way…..and that means one thing: CHOCOLATE! The Easter egg tradition is one we definitely don’t want to grow out of, no matter how old we get! (And if someone wants to create a full-blown Easter Egg hunt for us, that would be fine too….) It seems like our favourite supermarkets feel the same, because this year there are even more amazing Easter eggs than ever hitting the shelves. From the pretty to the unusual, there’s something for you even if you thought you were too old for an easter egg this year. Move over Cadbury’s, we’re dreaming of finding one of these beauties in our Easter Egg Hunt this year!

The Glittery Egg - Marks and Spencer

We love chocolate. We love glitter. So there’s absolutely nothing not to love about this super sparkly M&S easter egg! It’s also been voted as this year’s best tasting Easter egg, so it really is top of our list!

The Avocado Egg – Waitrose

This avocado shaped easter egg is fulfilling all our millennial fantasies! Perfect for the avo-lover in your life, but don’t worry – the taste is pure chocolate! It’s also got a Belgian chocolate stone and shell, with white chocolate filling…chocoholic heaven!

The Alcoholic Egg – The Treat Kitchen

Now here’s a grown-up easter egg if ever we saw one! The ultimate Easter treat, these flavoured white chocolate eggs come with boiled sweets in your favourite alcoholic flavours – gin & tonic or strawberry and prosecco!

The non-chocolate egg

Don’t have so much of a sweet tooth? You don’t need to miss out this year – how about this CHEESE Easter egg?! It’s made entirely out of Blacksticks Blue cheese….just add some wine and crackers and you’ve got the perfect cheese-lovers Easter treat!


Ok, it wouldn’t be a proper Easter egg list without at least one mention of Cadbury’s! They’ve released the absolute whopper of an egg this year made out of one of everyone’s fave chocolate bars- Daim! The egg itself is made of Daim chocolate with those dreamy caramel pieces we all love, plus it’s 4 times bigger than a standard Easter egg – Cadbury’s, you’ve done it again!

Rosie x

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