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Mother's Day

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The 5 Best Gifts for your Mum this Mother’s Day

Just in case you’d forgotten, mark it in your diaries now - Mothers’ Day is coming up on Sunday 11th March! There’s still plenty of time to find the perfect gift, and we’re here to help you out with some of our top suggestions. After all, if anyone deserves a treat, it’s our amazing Mums, right?!

1) Pampering

Nothing says ‘ treat yourself’ like a good bit of pampering and TLC! Our Pamper Pack Gift Set is the ultimate when it comes to treating Mum. It’s full of goodies for the bath and shower to leave her feeling totally relaxed! Plus, it comes in our signature scents so you can choose the one that matches her taste or personality the most - luxuriously soothing Moroccan Mint or zingy and energising Lemongrass & Green Tea. There’s a perfect gift for every Mum!


2) Sweet Treats

Why not treat your Mum to something yummy to remind her just how sweet she is?! Food is the way to any Mum’s heart and buying her a fancy version of her favourite sweet treat will show her you care! Is your Mum a chocoholic? Go for some luxury chocolates from Godiva or Hotel Chocolat. If she’s more of a ‘cake’ person then check out The Hummingbird Bakery for yummy cupcakes and more available for delivery! If she’s more of a healthy eater, then why not gift her with some of our cute Macaron bath bomb - all the sweetness of a macaron but none of the calories! Just make sure not to eat them…!


3) Flowers

Flowers are always a must on Mother’s Day! (And perfect if you’ve accidentally left finding a gift a bit last minute!) If you want to make them extra special, why not sign up your Mum to a flower delivery subscription service? With Bloom & Wild you can sign up for fresh flowers delivered to her door every week, fortnight or month for however many months you like - it’s the ultimate way to keep reminding your Mum how much you love her!

4) Skincare

It’s still so cold this year that skincare is even more important that usual! The cold weather is no doubt leaving your Mum with dried out hands and chapped lips, so why not treat her to some of our skin-pampering range to give her skin (and her) a proper treat! Our lip balm and hand creams will brighten up her day, and our brand new Body Scrubs & Body Lotions will add even more pamper time to her bath and shower! They all come in all three of our signature scents so you can choose her favourite and treat her to the whole set! 



5) A moment of quiet

We all know Mums have to put up with a lot. No matter what age you are, chances are your Mum is still your go-to person for all your news, work problems, boyfriend dilemmas and money issues! A moment’s peace might be the nicest present you could give her! Why not treat her to some quiet time this Mother’s Day? Make her a nice cup of tea, run her a bath and give her some of our bath pearls to enjoy. They’re infused with yummy ingredients scented oil to soothe the skin and leave her feeling great! Put on her favourite music and leave her to have a well-earned bit of “me-time”! Aaaaand relax......!


Rosie x

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