The 5 Best Halloween Outfit Ideas

We love Halloween! Partly for the pumpkin-carving and the excuse to eat our bodyweight in sweets….but mostly because it’s the one day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to go all-out with the fancy dress, no matter how old you are!

If, like us, you’re having the annual dilemma of what to dress up as this year, then this round-up of the best Halloween costumes we’ve seen on the internet this year should help give you some ideas! Here’s our favourite Halloween makeup looks and costume ideas to try for 2017, inspired by our favourite instagrammers & youtubers!


Unicorns are SO 2017. Also, it’s one halloween outfit that lets you use your prettiest makeup and glitter! What could be wrong with that? We’re loving this tutorial form beauty babe Sophie Hannah Richardson. Watch the full video here. Bring on the pink Halloween costumes!


SO much cooler than your regular fairytale villain, this is a seriously FIERCE look for Halloween!

maleficent Halloween costume outfit ideas

Amazing blogger Leanne Lim-Walker shows us how to create this seriously original Halloween dress-up in her DIY blog post here.

Harley Quinn

This was everywhere last Halloween…but it’s still a goodie if you’re looking for a fun Halloween look! Amazing makeup YouTube Gina Box shows us how it’s done….all you need now is the t shirt! Click here for the video.


Who said girls have to be witches or cats at Halloween? Now we can be mermaids! Another super pretty makeup look if you want your Halloween outfit to be more glam than gore. Now we just need to find a seashell bra….! Check out this video tutorial from Laura Let for all the mermaid inspo you need!

Candy Skull

Sophie Hannah Richardson is our Halloween makeup queen! Here’s another one of her amazing tutorials for a pretty glitter twist on the classic Candy Skull day of the dead makeup! It’s a Halloween classic!

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