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Soapscription FAQs

*** PLEASE NOTE: We have hit pause on our Soapscription service while we work on making it bigger and better! All accounts have automatically been cancelled and no payments will be taken. We will email everyone when we're ready to relaunch and thank you so much for supporting us with our subscription service.

If you have purchased shower gels via our main website and received these in a Soapscription box, please do not worry. We have released some of our exclusive scents to our website for anyone to purchase just like any other product, however we've chosen to continue to send these out in their original Soapscription boxes for safe transit. You have not signed up to a subscription service, although we'd highly recommend checking out Soapscription when we relaunch!

Thank you so much for supporting us and see you when Soapscription 2.0 launches...

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What is Soapscription?

Soapscription is the first bespoke shower gel subscription from Bubble T Cosmetics. Delivered direct to your door each month, Soapscription allows subscribers ('soapscribers') to choose from exclusive fragrances to make sure you never run out of soap.

Each month will have a different theme with a minimum of two new and exclusive fragrances created. So, what are you waiting for... become a Soapscriber today!

How does it work?

Each month, you'll find new and exclusive fragrances available right here where you can choose your perfect mix for the following month ahead. 

Depending on your preferences stated during the sign up process, you will be sent as many boxes needed to make sure you're covered for the next month. So whether you've got a large household or there's just the two of you, you'll be sorted for as long as you're a soapscriber. That's one less thing to think about...

What happens after I sign up?

Welcome to Soapscription! Once you've signed up, you'll be placed on a monthly subscription where you'll receive your choice of exclusive fragrances each month.

If you need to change anything, you can find all your information in the 'My Account' section, but please be aware that your account must be activated from an automatic email sent when you signed up. 

What if I want to cancel?

No problem, although why not stay for all the fun of Soapscription! If you really want to cancel then please email us at soapscription@bubbletcosmetics.com with your details/order number. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information on how to cancel.


How often do I receive shower gels?

You'll receive your first boxes as soon as possible and your Soapscription is renewed every 30 days to ensure you'll never run out of soap.

How much is delivery?

We'll send out your monthly Soapscription via Royal Mail at a cost of £2.50 if you're in the UK. Soapscription is available to anyone worldwide and these costs will be shown at the checkout page.

How long does delivery take?

We use a 48hr paid-for service with Royal Mail but any deliveries may take longer around weekends, bank holidays and busy periods. You will receive a dispatch confirmation email with tracking number in once your order has entered the Royal Mail system so you can see where your order is.

**During the Coronavirus pandemic, Royal Mail have been incredibly open and honest that non-essential deliveries will take significantly longer to arrive. With increased safety measures and lower staff numbers, your box may take a few weeks to arrive, depending entirely on how your local area is coping during the pandemic. Unfortunately we aren't able to speed this up and we continue to pay for the fast service in the hope that it arrives quickly!

Can I subscribe outside of the UK?

Absolutely! Delivery will cost more as these will be sent from the UK but we can promise you it will be totally worth it.

How do I add more boxes on?

You can set how many boxes you need both during the sign-up process and also by heading to the 'My Account' section right here in the top corner.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Fully recyclable! Our bath and shower gels come in packaging that can be recycled in most traditional recycling collection pickups. Simply use, rinse and recycle.

What special ingredients are used?

Each bottle contains a special blend of natural fruit extracts or essential oils to make sure your skin feels (and smells) incredible after every wash. 

Is everything vegan?

Absolutely, every product in our Soapscription range is totally vegan.

Are your products tested on animals?

We're fully against animal cruelty here at Bubble T (check out our office dog Rupert over on our Instagram page) and can guarantee that none of our products have ever or will ever be tested on animals.

Are your shower gels suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely, although 'sensitive skin' is quite a broad term and we always advise checking out the ingredients or doing a patch test if you're prone to any reactions.

Can I buy the previous month's box/fragrances?

Sure thing. Why miss out on all the fun of each month? We'll be adding these to the site as and when we can.

Is Soapscription suitable for children?

Suitable for adults, children and everyone else in-between. Please ensure to supervise children when using our products as they can smell good enough to eat. *Please do not eat or drink.

Is Soapscription suitable for pregnant women?

100% yes. How better to wash during pregnancy than with 9 months worth of exclusive fragrances?

What happens if I forget to pick my next month's fragrances?

We'll send you a reminder email when it’s time to choose your exclusive fragrances for next month's delivery. You can also access this in the ‘My Account’ section for a limited time only, but don’t worry if you forget to choose - we'll make sure you receive a delivery direct to your door.

Will the box fit through my letterbox?

Yes, the full-sized monthly boxes have been designed to fit through your letterbox. We've even designed the shower gel tubes to fit through the letterbox too!

What if I don't have a letterbox?

You'll find Soapscription tucked in wherever you usually find your post. Your monthly Soapscription box(es) will be right there waiting for you after a long day to help soothe, relax and restore. Who doesn't love a treat each month?

Can I buy a Soapscription for a friend?

You're a good friend. As long as you know you friend's address then you're all good to go. Simply sign up using their email address or add theirs in at a later date so they can always choose their favourite fragrances.

How do I change my delivery address?

You can find all your details in the 'My Account' section here but please do remember to change your address before your next box is dispatched as this cannot be amended once your box is out for delivery.

Can I change my delivery date?

You can change your delivery date by sending us a message at soapscription@bubbletcosmetics.com as long as your order hasn't already been dispatched. You'll be notified of all important updates via email so you'll always be completely in the know.

What happens if my order doesn't arrive?

Hmm, that doesn't sound right. Please send as much info as you can to the team at soapscription@bubbletcosmetics.com and we can find out more information for you.

Where can I view my previous orders?

Find everything in your 'My Account' section right here

Where can I view my details?

Find everything in your 'My Account' section right here

How am I charged?

You will be automatically charged every 30 days via Recharge.

Can I pause my Soapscription if I'm away?

Absolutely, pop us an email at soapscription@bubbletcosmetics.com.

Can I cancel my subscription during my trial?

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept most major cards on our site as well as Paypal and Klarna. Any problems? Feel free to send us an email on soapscription@bubbletcosmetics.com

Help! My payment won't go through

Uh-oh, could it be that your card number was entered incorrectly? Have a quick check over your details and if it all looks good then pop us a message. Alternatively, you can use Paypal or Klarna to complete your purchase.

How do I update my payment details?

Find everything in your 'My Account' section right here

Terms & Conditions

For anything more, please see our Terms & Conditions here