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One bottle, twice the hydration.

We’ve dreamed up the perfect pairing for your skin in our range of duo Hybrid Lotions to BOOST, PROTECT & HYDRATE. Ready for your dreamiest skin ever?

What is hyaluronic acid and what does it do?

I think we can all agree that hyaluronic acid has been the most popular kid in (skin)school for a while now. And for good reason. It is one of the most powerful hydrating ingredients used in skincare by pulling water from its environment to the upper layers of the skin, just like a sponge. Hyaluronic acid molecules can attract up to 1,000 times their own weight in water, which is why it's so impactful hydrating the skin and keeping it dewy and hydrated throughout the day - not just when you apply it. This also means that it can plump the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too. Leave-on products that contain hyaluronic acid (ie moisturising lotions) will give you the best hydrating results. If you have dry skin, opt for an oil-based product with hyaluronic acid for dry skin. Our HYDRATOR Hybrid Lotion has been paired with almond oil and in a lotion form for maximum hydration.