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Times are tough right now. Whether you’re a key worker (we love you!) or you’re at home mastering the art of sourdough, there’s absolutely no-one out there that doesn’t feel stressed about the current situation. 

While we can’t wave a magic wand and it all disappears (we wish we could!), one thing we can do is try to relieve a little stress and help slow those racing thoughts down. Anyone else struggling to sleep, or waking up at 3:30am? Yep, we hear ya. So without further ado, here are our 5 top 5 de-stressing products...


If there’s one thing that makes us feel more relaxed instantly, it’s lighting a candle. Whether it’s the soothing light or the sweet scents, it’s an easy way to transform any room into a piece of paradise. Our trio of colourful candles are made with natural soy wax and come in a set of 3 glass jars to make every evening a bit more cosy. What’s better, they’re currently half price at only £9.99…

Find them here: https://bubbletcosmetics.com/products/light-me-up-candles-gift-set-3-x-soy-candles

Bath fizzers:

Yes, the classic way to unwind and bathe away the day. Whether you prefer fruity scents or something different like our sweet Moroccan Mint Tea bath fizzer, there’s something about that fizzing sound that just makes us relax instantly. All say ahhhh…

Find the full range here: https://bubbletcosmetics.com/collections/bath-bombs

Body scrubs:

We love showering in the morning here at Bubble T to give us that feeling of being awake and alert, and there’s something about using a body scrub first thing to really wake us up. Made with natural jojoba esters (microbeads are so not cool) to gently buff skin and leave it feeling smooth, our body scrubs are also packed with all the fresh and fruity scents you need to feel more alert than drinking 10 coffees. 

**Please don’t drink 10 coffees. You definitely won’t be able to sleep then.

Find our body scrubs here: https://bubbletcosmetics.com/collections/body-scrubs

Bath teabags:

One hour of exercise a day means we’re cramming in all the walks and runs we possibly can. And for some of us, that means thinking we can run a marathon far sooner than we actually can. So if you’re like us and need to soothe sore limbs and burning feet, our bath teabags will definitely do the trick. Packed with sweet-smelling bath salts, these hand teabags remove that gritty feeling of using bath salts while delivering all the same power. Simply pop one or two into warm running water (or tie around the tap as you fill up the tub for best results), lie back and relax to the max.

Find our bath teabags right here: https://bubbletcosmetics.com/collections/bath-t-bags


Staying home is the new normal. If you’re in need of a treat but don’t want to leave the house, then why not bring the goodies directly through your letterbox. Designed for those who want to enjoy exclusive fragrances each month direct to their door, Soapscription is perfect for those who want to treat themselves each and every month.

This month sees our new Mystery Editions that are designed to completely play with your senses, and if you guess the ‘flavours’ correctly then you could win a huge £1000!

Find out more here: https://bubbletcosmetics.com/blogs/blog/introducing-the-new-mystery-editions

Not signed up to Soapscription? What are you waiting for! Click here now: https://bubbletcosmetics.com/soapscription

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