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Ever wondered why it's so important to moisturise your skin? We know it can be a chore but hopefully the reasons below will help you think otherwise. Lather on your moisturiser day and night to see real life benefits:

1) Hydrates skin, preventing dryness and flakiness - If your skin is too dry or oily this is when skin problems arise. Moisturisers and lotions will help your skin flourish with daily application. The essentials oils and long lasting scent will not only keep your skin smelling fresh but will enhance against the elements.

2) Improves skin texture and tone - No one wants to have bumpy, flaky or irritated skin. Moisturising will help counteract all these irritations and smooth out your skin tone allowing you to show off your body without the stress.

Skincyclopedia moisturising serums

3) Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - Moisturising your body helps fill in those unwanted gaps making your skin appear more youthful and radiant. It also helps reduce environmental damage which is the main contributor to the formation of wrinkles. If you want to look younger, MOISTURISE!

4) Protects against environmental damage - Probably the most common cause of skin damage is from the elements from everyday life. Create a barrier between the environment and your skin and protect yourself against the wind, cold, heat and pollution. Decrease the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging by... MOISTURISING

Neroli & Tangerine Moisturising Body Butter

5) Promotes skin elasticity - Want to feel and look more youthful? Increase your skins hydration levels to retain your skins shape and increase your chances of keeping your skin plump and younger. Talk about bounce-back ability!

6) Unclogs and minimises pores - Hydrating the skin can help to unclog pores indirectly by improving the overall health and hydration levels of the skin. When skin is hydrated its more likely to naturally shed dead skin cells and prevent the buildup of oil that can clog pores.

Lavender & Lemon Hydrating sheet mask

7) Helps clear up and prevent acne breakouts - When skin is dehydrated, it can produce excess oil to compensate, which can contribute to the formation of breakouts of acne. Moisturising keeps your skin balanced, reducing the chances of spots and blemishes.

8) Brightens and evens out skin tone - Overall hydration levels contribute to improved skin health. The more you moisturise, the more likely your skin will thank you. Some moisturisers contain Vitamin C and other brightening agents that aid the appearance of skin tone and reduce visibility of dark spots.

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