Introducing the new Confetea range

Introducing the new Confetea range

Nov 01, 2018Rebecca Crutchley

Another week, another launch! Introducing the newest range to land here at Bubble T in the form of six exciting new products in the brand new Confetea range.

A bold and fresh combination, the new Confetea range is an explosion of rainbow fruit fragrances. Bringing together our love for tea with a selection of fresh and fruity scents, the new Confetea range in rainbow tea is set to transform your bathroom into a paradise like no other.

Packed with the fresh notes of lime, orange, strawberry, raspberry, blackberries and blackcurrants with a twist of tea notes, jasmine and creamy vanilla, this exclusive new range is one not to miss.

From bath t-bags to our new melting bath confetti poppers, find your perfect treat online right here at, and in selected Superdrug stores across the UK now.

Confetea Edition Bath Confetti Push Pop, £3.99

Confetea Edition 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' Bath Fizzer, £4.99

Confetea Edition Bath T-Bags, £4.99

Confetea Edition Mini Macaron Bath Fizzer Stack, £5.99

Confetea Edition Melting Marble Oil Pearls, £5.99

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