Christmas 2020 is here - check out our new ranges

Christmas 2020 is here - check out our new ranges

Oct 26, 2020Rebecca Crutchley

While we try to not mention the big C word too early, we’ve got some very exciting news… our new Christmas products for 2020 are now landing with our favourite retailers!

From updating our bestselling advent calendar to introducing new products such as bath crumble, hand cream and much more, this year’s Christmas ranges are sure to delight on Christmas morning.

With Partea Lights, Sweetea and Fruitea ranges, as well as a brand new scent of Very Berry Tea, bring a little relaxation to this year’s Christmas with Bubble T.

Partea Lights:

With a bold and bright neon design, you’ll be starry-eyed for this new festive collection. Bringing the party season to life in this new collection, Partea Lights combines tea-infused products with fresh fragrances and bold neon designs for a starry range that’s totally out of this world. 

From stocking fillers and hanging treats to larger gifts and our bestselling advent calendar, this range is the perfect gift to help relax and restore during the busiest party season of the year. Let’s get this Partea started…

Sweetea Shop:

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this exclusive collection of tea-infused bath fizzers and larger gift sets brings together all the fun of your favourite treats with a relaxing bath or three. 

Ideal for those who want to enjoy fresh and sweet scents in a rainbow of colours, the Sweetea Shop range includes our bestselling macaron bath fizzers as well as a new doughnut design to really sweeten your day. 

If you prefer to pick‘n’mix it up this Christmas with a full selection of confectionery-inspired bath treats, ‘donut’ look further than Bubble T Cosmetics’ new Sweetea range.

Find these over at: (in no particular order)

Got yours already? Let us know what you think over on our Instagram page now!

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