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Heatwave? Thunderstorms? Whatever the weather, there’s one thing we can help with: staying in and having a good ol’ pamper sesh. Whether you’ve got a bath or prefer a shower, need to wake up in the mornings or a way to relax in the evening, or simply just want to treat yourself, you’ve come to the right place…

Keep cool in the heat

It may feel like it only lasts for about a week each summer, but every year we always find ourselves saying the same things of ‘Can you believe how hot it is?’ and ‘I was too hot to sleep last night!’, right?

So with this hot weather, we’ve rounded up our must-haves for keeping cool. Our favourite has to be our Summer Fruits Tea Body Spray that’ll keep you feeling great all day long. Packed with the scents of ripe raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and white tea extracts, this 100ml body spray is the sweetest way to feel refreshed and hydrated. If you want an extra-special treat, keep your bottle in the fridge for an instant hit of cooling spray.

Bubble T Cosmetics Summer Fruits Tea Body Spray, £2.99

For a refreshing shower before heading to bed, our Lemongrass & Green Tea shower gel for an uplifting and sweet way to wash away the day. With goji berry extracts and bergamot oil, this is the ultimate treat!

Bubble T Cosmetics Lemongrass & Green Tea Shower Gel, £2.99

In need of a nice hot bath?

Run the hot tap, light a candle and prepare to chill to the max with a range of bath treats. Whether you love a bath fizzer, bath salts or melting oil pearls, there’s a whole range of goodies to take your bathtime to the next level. 

Our favourites:

Moroccan Mint Tea Bath Salts 

Whether you’ve started running during lockdown or been sat at your desk for far too long, there’s a strong chance your muscles need rescuing. Made with real tea leaves for an antioxidant hit, as well as goji berry extracts and sweet peppermint oil, these nourishing bath salts are the perfect way to wind down.

Moroccan Mint Tea Bath Salts, £4.99

Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Bath Pearls

Who remembers these from the 90s? Filled with a gorgeous scented oil made with sweet orange oil and goji berry extracts, these pearls of wisdom are soothing, moisturising and guaranteed to make bathtime all that much sweeter. 

Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Bath Oil Pearls, £5.99

Lemongrass & Green Tea Bath Fizzer

Who can resist the sound of a bath fizzer? With the sweet scents of lemongrass, lemon zest, bergamot and pineapple, this uplifting bath fizzer is the ideal addition for a bath that allows you to simply switch off and have a large dose of ‘me-time’... 

Lemongrass & Green Tea Bath Fizzer, £2.99

Not sure which product to try first? With free UK delivery on all orders over £19.99, you can try them all! Shop the full range here: https://bubbletcosmetics.com/collections/all

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