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With the news that many hotels and rental properties are able to open in a few weeks, many of us will be swapping our plans of eating paella and gelato by the beach for a trip to good ol’ Blighty this summer. After staying at home for so long, we’re all desperate for a trip to somewhere new and exciting - who’s in?

City or beach, or a bit of both?

From medieval towns to boujee beaches, the UK actually does have it all. Whether you fancy exploring cities such as York or Cambridge, or want to feel the sand between your toes on the south coast, we’d definitely recommend researching where ticks all the right boxes for your first post-Corona trip. 

While keeping safe and clean is key to not spreading the virus, don’t forget to pack in any of our 50ml hand sanitising gels. Containing 70% alcohol to keep germs at bay, choose from fragrances such as Watermelon, Strawberry Daiquiri or Mojito to name just a few.

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Where the Bubble T team will be going this summer:

Holly - A city girl at heart, I’m researching the perfect city break as we speak. I love York so may head there again, or maybe Bath? Either way, I can’t wait to explore!

Angelina - I love Brighton! It’s the perfect mix of city life and the beach. I love having a mooch around the Lanes area before heading to the beach for sunset. 

Rebecca - I’m from the Kent coast originally so I’ll be down by the beach as much as possible this summer. I’m thinking of weekends filled with sunshine, ice creams and fish and chips as the sun goes down. Perfect!

Day trips are the new weekend

While we’re going to be spending as much time as possible putting the pennies back into restaurants, bars and hotels, day trips will be a big part of 2020 summer life. That’s why it’s key to pack your essentials - think suncream, snacks and anything cooling. 

Perfect for a large handbag, our Summer Fruits Tea body spray is the easiest way to cool down and smell great on a hot day! Made with ripe raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, our summer fruits tea range contains white tea and goji berry extracts to create the ultimate fresh and fruity combination, and this body spray is the perfect way to spritz your way to relaxation...

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OR stay at home

Why not make the most of staying home this summer? While you might be screaming ‘but I’m sick of the same 4 walls!’ at your screen right now, stick with us here… as by giving a makeover to your bathroom, you’ll be able to feel like you’re going on holiday each and every day. Ker-ching!

Whether it’s some new palm tree prints on the walls, a bright and bold bath mat or a whole bundle of colourful and sweet bath bombs, we can highly recommend giving your bath and shower a complete overhaul this summer. Go on, you deserve it.

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