Introducing Soapscription, the first bespoke shower gel subscription

  • How many times have you realised you’ve run out of shower gel when you’re already in the shower?
  • Ever used shampoo as a substitute?

Introducing Soapscription, the first bespoke shower gel subscription service from Bubble T Cosmetics!

Launched in November, each month sees a minimum of two new exclusive bath & shower gels created as part of a wider theme to ensure you never run out of soap again.

With essential oils and fruit extracts to nourish and restore, these shower gels won’t be available in high street stores but delivered through your letterbox each month for only £4.99 per box plus P&P.

Vegan and in fully recyclable packaging, customers pick their monthly choices in advance to ensure this subscription ticks the boxes in all the right places.

With two free trial options for new subscribers featuring Avocado & Kiwi and Pink Lemonade or Vanilla Chai Tea and Coconut, there’s never been a better reason to ‘soapscribe’.

Find out more at

T&Cs apply. Got any questions? Whether you want to find out more about our monthly fragrances or simply want to amend/cancel your subscription, pop the team a message at

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