Introducing the new Tropical scents!

Summer is well and truly in the air, and while it’s certainly not going to be your typical summer, we’re here to make it a bit better with two new scents exclusive to Soapscription!

As none of us will be jetting off to faraway destinations and the only spottings of palm trees will be from local gardens, the new Soapscription scents have landed at the perfect time! With fresh Watermelon and zingy Mango & Lime to choose from, you’ll be jetting off to a faraway paradise from the comfort of your own bath and shower.

From only £4.99 a month (plus P&P), Soapscription is the first bespoke shower gel subscription that ensures you never run out of soap again. With two exclusive fragrances delivered to your door each month, there’s never been a better to soapscribe. After all, that’s one less thing to think about… 

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