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Keep hands clean with our new hand cleansing gels! Using a blend of fresh and fruity scents, these hydrating 70% alcohol-based hand cleansing gels will keep germs at bay while making sure hands feel and smell great all day long…
Each 50ml bottle is made with 70% alcohol, only £2.50 each and available in the following fragrances right here: https://bubbletcosmetics.com/collections/hand-sanitisers
Watermelon Cleansing Hand Gel
Hands up if you love watermelon! With all the fresh tropical scents of one of our favourite treats, this cleansing hand gel helps to kill bacteria and germs while keeping your hands smelling great all day long.
Mango Cleansing Hand Gel
Squeeze, rub and protect with this fruity Mango hand gel. Made with 70% alcohol and a sweet Mango fragrance, fight germs and kill bacteria with this fresh and fruity hand cleansing gel.
Peach Cleansing Hand Gel
Keep hands clean with this fruity and uplifting hand gel. Packed with the scents of ripe peaches, you can fight germs with just one squeeze of this pocket-sized fruity hand cleansing gel.
Strawberry Cleansing Hand Gel
Strawberries and clean! Simply squeeze a little of this fruity hand cleansing gel throughout the day to keep germs and bacteria at bay. With a sweet strawberry fragrance, you’ll be smelling and feeling great all day long.
Raspberry Cleansing Hand Gel
Berry-licious scents come together in this uplifting Raspberry cleansing hand gel with a Bubble T-wist. With 70% alcohol to help fight bacteria and germs, this fruity gel is the perfect size to keep on you at all times.
Rainbow Tea Cleansing Hand Gel
Sweet and fruity, this Rainbow hand cleansing gel is filled with all the fresh scents of oranges, limes, strawberries and raspberries for a refreshing scent like no other.
Pina Colada Cleansing Hand Gel
Our favourite tropical drink in one handy cleansing gel! With all the fresh fragrances of sweet coconut and pineapple, you can instantly transport yourself to the beach with this fruity gel that helps keep germs at bay.
Mojito Cleansing Hand Gel
Sweet mint and a touch of summer come together in this cocktail-inspired hand cleansing gel with a twist! With 70% alcohol to fight bacteria and keep germs at bay, one squeeze of this gel will keep you feeling great all day long.
Strawberry Daiquiri Cleansing Hand Gel
A holiday classic, this fruity hand gel brings together all the fresh and uplifting scents of a sweet Strawberry Daiquiri with the power to keep germs and bacteria at bay.
Gin and Tonic Cleansing Hand Gel
With notes of fresh lemon and lime, this Gin & Tonic inspired cleansing hand gel is the easiest way to banish germs and bacteria while smelling great all day long!
Lemon Cleansing Hand Gel
Nothing quite smells as good as the scent of fresh lemon! Packed with sweet citrus notes, this cleansing hand gel is sure to keep hands clean and smelling incredible…
Hands On - Lime Cleansing Hand Gel
A squeeze of fresh lime and you’re good to go! With 70% alcohol to fight bacteria and keep germs at bay, this uplifting fruity hand cleansing gel is all you need to keep hands feeling and smelling great all day long.

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