Celebrate Lookfantastic's 5th birthday with our limited edition bath fizzer

If you’re a Lookfantastic subscriber then you might know that this month is bigger than usual as it’s Lookfantastic’s 5th birthday! 

To celebrate, their 5th ‘Birthday Edition’ box is packed with the best of the rest and get you in the partying mood. Our favourite? Well, that has to be Bubble T's limited edition bath fizzer of course!

No birthday party is complete without a gigantic birthday cake to celebrate with, so we combined our love for extra large slices with a relaxing bath to create the perfect sweet-as-sugar bath bomb fizzer. 

 Image credit: Lookfantastic and Heather Nixon (@ofbeautyand)

In a sweet and creamy vanilla scent and complete with an array of sprinkles, this bath bomb fizzer will soothe and refresh tired limbs and aching muscles, while leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised. 

So blow up the balloons, pop the party poppers and make a birthday wish before enjoying a relaxing treat like no other…

Buy this month's exclusive 'Birthday Edition' box here via Lookfantastic's website - hurry, while stocks last!

Missed out? Check out our other exclusive Lookfantastic collaborations right here with our Beauty in Wonderland and Dark Wonder bath fizzers:

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