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With recyclable materials and packaging one of the hottest topics of the moment, we wanted to take some time out to discuss how you can recycle your Bubble T products.

We all know we can do so much more for the environment, and one by one we can all make a huge difference each and every day. Last year, it was reported that while 90% of UK households recycle kitchen waste, only 50% recycle bathroom waste because it’s 'inconvenient'. In 2018, this 50% is estimated to have resulted in 2.7 billion plastic bottles being sent to landfill.

From shower gels to gift sets, hand creams to bath t-bags, you can recycle most of the packaging you’ll find when purchasing any of our Bubble T products. Simply make sure to wash out your products after use (if necessary) to ensure it can be recycled and used time and time again. As a rule of thumb, some councils take recycling to the landfill if it is overly contaminated and cannot be easily cleaned, so please do always give it a quick wash after use. Also, it's best to separate the lid on all your bath and beauty products from the rest of the packaging as these can sometimes be made from different materials.

A few exceptions to the general recycling rule includes the plastic used to wrap our individual bath fizzers. Known as ‘shrink wrap’, this is a thin film of plastic that protects each bath fizzer from damage and ensures it reaches you in perfect condition. As you can imagine, water damage to a bath fizzer leaves a pile of, well... nothing! There are many initiatives to recycling this particular type of plastic so please do check with your local council on how best to do your bit.

With some of our products, the packaging has been created to have a second life after use. With our Pick'n'Mix Pot and our Jar of Bath Fizzers, both come with a reusable cup and straw to use time and time again. Additionally, any boxes from our gift sets or bath t-bags can be used on your bathroom shelves to store bath bombs and other smaller products. If you have any great ways of re-using your Bubble T packaging then please show us by tagging us on Instagram!

Want to know exactly how to recycle in your local area? Find out more here on the RecycleNow website:





  • Danielsek
    • Danielsek
    • July 13, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    it’s my very first time visiting your site and I am very fascinated. Thank you for sharing and keep up ;)

  • StephenAlmon
    • StephenAlmon
    • October 22, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    it’s a really great resource!A lot of helpful information and handy tips, thank you =)

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