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With 2021 here, we’re not only wondering where the last 365 days went (indoors, mainly) but we’re ready to kick this new year off with one key resolution: to take care of ourselves more than ever before. While we’re all staying safe at home, we’re ready to spend January doing what we do best: enjoying a little more me-time. 

From enjoying hot showers with our favourite invigorating Lemongrass & Green Tea shower gel to evening baths with our nourishing Grape Tea oil pearls and Earl Grey Tea bath salts, these next few weeks will see us spending more time relaxing and rejuvenating than ever before...

Start the day with a hot shower

While many of us are working from home, we know how easy it is to stay in bed until the last moment before throwing on a hoodie and joggers and cracking on. But if you're feeling like you can't easily switch between 'work mode' and 'home mode', a hot shower each morning can work wonders to wake you up, help to ‘set’ the mind up for the day while ensuring you feel great and smell great too. Go on, set that alarm ten minutes earlier tomorrow morning...

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Alcohol-free January - well, everywhere apart from our hands

With cold and dark evenings going nowhere fast and an attempt at Dry January sort of happening, this month is certainly more about making the most of our time spent indoors. When you do go out for any essential shopping or exercise, make sure to take one of our 70% alcohol hand gels out with you to instantly kill any germs and keep hands protected.

From Watermelon to PeachGingerbread to Avocado & Kiwi, you can keep safe with a range of sweet scents and without any stickiness or dry hands. The hardest part? Choosing which scent is your favourite…

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Baths can help you switch off

Feeling a little stressed 24/7? Did you know that enjoying warm baths will not only help you to feel relaxed and boost your mood, but can have a real positive impact on your health? Not only will your skin - the largest organ in the body - receive extra TLC from any added products, but submerging in warm water can also help to reduce any aches and pains, lessen inflammation, calm the nervous system and even help to balance your hormones. Yep, we’ll take all of that. 

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ZZZZZ… baths can promote a good night’s sleep 

Struggling to sleep? Yep, we hear ya. We’ve read a fair few studies on the link between bathing and a good night’s sleep here at Bubble T and there are a few surprising facts out there.

Did you know that it’s less about the warm water that sends you off into a deep sleep and more about the dip in your body temperature? A medical study from 1997 found that your body temperature falls naturally at night to allow for a better and deeper sleep, and it’s this sharp rise and then fall of body temperature following a warm bath that creates that snuggly ready-for-sleep feeling. 

Want to add a little extra to your evening bath? Our sweet Ice Tea bath & shower gels are perfect to create a sweet and bubbly bath, while our bestselling Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea bath bombs will add all the fizz to those extra-hot long baths. Enjoy!

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