New Peach Bellini Nourishing Hand Cream

New Peach Bellini Nourishing Hand Cream

Feb 08, 2021Rebecca Crutchley

There’s not one but two new exclusives this month! Introducing the Peach Bellini nourishing hand cream, developed exclusively for Glossybox. With February’s Box being the ‘Sing. Love. Repeat.’ edit, February’s Glossybox is all about music and feeling great, and we knew just the scent that would do the trick...

Packed with all the sweet scents of fresh peaches (a firm favourite here at Bubble T HQ), this full-sized nourishing hand cream is perfect for all the extra hand-washing we’re now doing. Designed to restore dry hands and keep them feeling and smelling great, this Peach Bellini hand cream is the ideal treat this cold season. We’re in love!

Credit: Instagram @charlottec___

Find yours now over at Glossybox or right here on our website. We guarantee you’ll be feeling peachy in no time!

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