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Mother’s Day is around the corner, but we know that for a lot of people, the day is about celebrating loved ones in our lives - as well as mums.

So we’ve curated a special list of ideas tailored to each of the five love languages, so you can show that special person how much they mean to you (or discreetly forward this email on)...


Plan a picnic in the park

Have a movie marathon featuring their favourite films

Schedule a spa day or a pampering session at home


Cook their favourite meal

Breakfast in bed

Run them a bath (we know where you can get some cute bath bombs)


Write them a heartfelt letter
Make them a list of all the things you admire or appreciate about them
Get creative with a poem


Create a DIY gift that shows your thoughtfulness, such as a photo album. Buy a plant that you can then care for together.Spoil them to one of Bubble T’s gift packages, the Nightea Night range is 💫


Offer a gentle massage to help them relax (or book them in for one)

A big hug is always therapeutic


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