Spotlight On: Body Scrubs

Spotlight On: Body Scrubs

May 02, 2019Rebecca Crutchley

Ahh, it’s that sweet time of year again where it feels like summer’s nearly here, right?

While we’re all finally swapping thermals for sandals, there’s also one thing we’re doing: prepping our skin for summer. Our product of choice? In the slightly-changed-words of TLC, we do want a (body) scrub...

Perfect to help smooth and lightly exfoliate skin, our body scrubs are all packed with essential oils, goji berry extracts and tea notes for a light and refreshing treat that’ll make sure you feel relaxed and uplifted.

Not a microbead in sight here, our fresh & fruity body scrubs are made with natural jojoba esters to gently cleanse the skin and pack a punch with their refreshing scent combinations.

With 3 scents to choose from, you'll be sure to scrub up well:

Lemongrass & Green Tea: Fresh lemongrass, lemon zest and green tea come together in this refreshing and zingy combination.

Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea: A sweet and fruity blend of hibiscus, acai berry, cranberry and wild strawberry makes this scent good enough to eat.

Moroccan Mint Tea: With refreshing peppermint, sweet spearmint and white jasmine, soothe and refresh tired skin with this minty-fresh range.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to scrub the day away with our refreshing and moisturising body scrubs at only £3.99 each...


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