Want to be one of our brand ambassadors?

Want to be one of our brand ambassadors?

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That’s right, we want you!

Love baths and showers, discovering new products and getting snap happy? If you said a big ‘yes’ then read on…

We’re looking for people who want to be a big part of our community and test our products - both on an ongoing basis and before they hit the shelves. We want to know your thoughts and for you to enjoy them at the same time!

Want to join the crew? Simply snap your favourite Bubble T product (use code CHOOSEME for 20% off if you’ve recently ran out 😉) and tell us why you love it. Make sure to tag us using #BUBBLETCOSMETICS or we might miss it. Hold tight and watch your DMs next month…

How to get involved:

  1. Take a photo of your favourite Bubble T product(s)
  2. Tag us on Instagram using #BUBBLETCOSMETICS with why you love this product and want to be one of our ambassadors
  3. Watch out for us sliding into your DMs next month... 💫💫

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